Almost 70 GB of Free Storage

Almost 70GB of free storage with Dropbox
Almost 70GB of free storage with Dropbox

People always ask me if I pay for Dropbox. And the answer is no, but not because I'm greedy. But I don't think I should pay after I refer them so many clients. Check out the latest email I received from Dropbox.

Yes, that's right, 67.88 GB of storage! For free. To be honest, it is a little overwhelming at time. I started using it as a way to keep all my important active files available on all my devices at any moment. But with so much space, I put all kinds of stuff in there.

This can get out of hand with pictures and videos and just stuff. But it's so nice to have this amount of space.

I've gotten this just by referring people to Dropbox, completing all their "challenges" and I believe that Samsung had a partnership with them where certain devices give you a block of storage for free as well.

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