Ca phe sua da

Do you have a sweet tooth and have a long day ahead? Forget redbull, have a cup of Vietnamese Coffe. Also known as Cafe Su Da. I still haven't gotten the pronunciation right, but it sounds something like Caffe sudah, I think.

Well anyway, you can find it at any Vietnamese food joint and sometimes at the some groceries stores too. I usually get it on a Saturday mid morning after having dim sum. I know what is in it, I've read through a dozen different recipes, so if I don't have a store close by I can always make it at home. The main two ingredients are coffee and condensed milk. In fact those two things will make you a basic serving of this.

The result of this sugar and coffee mix is a very sweet concoction that will not give you wings, but it will strap on a couple of rocket launchers to your behind and send you into turbo mode for the rest of the day in a minute flat. Beware of the sudden crash later on, you might want to prepare yourself for it with a cup of tea or something to bring your body to normal before you go to bed. The one in the picture is actually Ca phe sua Nong which is the same thing, but hot (Nong), but I prefer it iced (da).


  1. What makes it so potent? Looks good.

  2. This coffee has like double shot of espresso. The French brought it over to Vietnam in the 1800s. If you want the exact ingredients to make it, you can use this coffee called Cafe du Monde – . This coffee canister is available for purchase at any popular Vietnamese supermarket.

  3. @david, Yeah I think like hello kitty said… its the espresso in it… and when they don’t use espresso, I understand that they use a really strong roast. Plus all the sugar from the condensed milk. I think that pretty much does it.

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