Ca Phe Sua Da

Do you have a sweet tooth and have a long day ahead? Forget Redbull, have a cup of Vietnamese coffee. Also known as Cafe Su Da. I still haven't gotten the pronunciation right, but it sounds something like Caffe sudah, I think.

Well anyway, you can find it at any Vietnamese food joint and sometimes at some groceries stores too. I usually get it on a Saturday mid-morning after having dim sum. I know what is in it, I've read through a dozen different recipes, so if I don't have a store close by I can always make it at home. The main two ingredients are coffee and condensed milk. In fact, those two things will make you a basic serving of this.

The result of this sugar and coffee mix is a very sweet concoction that will not give you wings, but it will strap on a couple of rocket launchers to your behind and send you into turbo mode for the rest of the day in a minute flat.

Beware of the sudden crash, later on, you might want to prepare yourself for it with a cup of tea or something to bring your body to normal before you go to bed. You can also get it in hot, they call that Ca Phe Sua Nong; I prefer it iced.

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