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The Perfect Wine Opener

Ever had a wine cork break on you when you try to open a bottle of wine? It happens sometimes. Once the cork breaks then usually you can't pull it out intact, and you end up having to push it through into the bottle.

Ugh, that's messy, and you end up having to strain your wine to avoid little pieces of dried up cork in your glass. A broken cork is a less than ideal situation. Most of the time, you can prevent a broken cork, but sometimes the cork is just old, dry or just defective and it will break even if you're careful.

But there's a better solution that will avoid the cork getting broken no matter what. That's what I've got to show you today. I'm going to show you  The Perfect Wine Opener, by Vineyard Elite.

This is my first post about it, and I probably will share more as I use it more. Especially with a trip coming up to Temecula soon and Summer just around the corner. So this is a part review and part introduction. I think I need to use it a lot more to give you a complete review, but so far it is good!

The Perfect Wine Opener Review Cover Photo

I received this product for free for review, and some of the links in here may provide compensation for me. Find out more about what this means here in my disclosure. And THANK YOU! for your continued support.

The Perfect Wine Opener comes in a gift pack or "kit." In it you'll find a foil cutter, an aerator and a cork stopper with a vacuum pump system. I don't care for the foil cutter but the other stuff is not bad, but really, the main attraction is the wine opener. You could call it an air pressure corkscrew because it works by injecting air into the bottle and popping the cork up with the air pressure. Nifty.

So check it out, I made a little video about it that will show you exactly how it works. This is the first air pressure corkscrew I ever use, and it works great. I've opened about a dozen bottles now since I got this for review. Each cork has come out intact with a satisfying "POP!" sound every time. It's fun to use, too. If you're looking for a gift for a loved one, I highly recommend you take a look at this.

You can find out more here on their site, and here's The Perfect Wine Opener video:

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