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This is where I talk about food beer and wine. I enjoy a drink from time to time, and I usually try something new. Here you’ll find pictures, videos and sometimes reviews of various drinks and where I find them. Got a suggestion? Send me a message, leave a comment or whatever. I’ll be happy to review yours too!

Marché Moderne Prix Fixe

We had a founders meeting for lunch the other day. And by founders I mean the three of us that started the Dot Com Lifestyle meetup. John Marc and I. We decided to visit Marché Moderne for lunch. I've heard about it before and I was excited to try it out. Marché Moderne is tucked away in The…
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The Kicking Crab

A culinary adventure awaits you if you've never been to a place like The Kicking Crab, go to the Costa Mesa location for faster service. I was first introduced to this type of food by my Wife when she took me to The Boiling Crab years ago. We've been going to that place pretty regularly ever since. But…
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Hula Pie at Jakes Del Mar

Have a slice of Hula Pie

The other Friday, my buddy Robert Cardoza and I stoped for lunch at Jakes Del Mar. Jakes del Mar is one of about a dozen restaurants owned and managed by TS Restaurants. I didn't know this, but Duke's in Huntington Beach is also one of the restaurants in the group, I've been there a few times. We had…
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Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich

My wife is pregnant, as you guys know. She is due early December and we're very excited about this. Her pregnancy has been a breeze so far. None of the horror stories that people have told me happened to me. No crazy cravings at 3 in the morning for some impossible to find food item. Everything has been…
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Table At Pho Ba Co

table at pho bac shared on Instagram I've been going to Pho Bac Co since 2003 or 2004 I think and for a long time, it was the only Vietnamese restaurant I'd ever been to. I now go regularly with my Wife, or to hang out with John Chow for Dot Com Pho. This is just an angled…
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