Covid-19 Lockdowns Again!?

So we're supposed to have lockdowns again. Most restaurants in California aren't allowed to have guests dine in anymore, again. There is a new lockdown order, it's supposed to last for 3 weeks.

Some restaurants aren't having any of that and are defying the orders to close down. I don't blame them and I can't hold it against them. The first round of lockdowns did nothing except make some of their competitors shut down. Remember it was supposed to be for 15 days? Yet here we are, what a fucking joke.

Pardon my french but this is bad for everybody, we're tired of these lockdowns, we're done! Businesses are going bankrupt, families are breaking apart, people are going homeless. WTF.

Now, this is supposed to be 21 days. If you believe that they'll last 21 days, I have a bridge to sell you.

Another lockdown against the recommendations from the WHO and against models of no lockdown like Sweden could make many of the remaining restaurants close down.

But with that said, we went to Saigon Beach in Newport Beach, one of the small places I'm talking about. They need to stay open to stay in business. This is their store.

The place is already small, that's good because they can keep staff costs to a minimum but you still need at least 3 employees to run a restaurant. This place is in a prime area, in an expesive city, rent can't be cheap.

And remember this order came down after Newsome thought it was a fine idea to go out to a fancy restaurant and have a private dinner without masks or "social distancing" -- what a cocksucker.

I think I have to take the side of some of the Sheriffs and basically tell Newsom to go suck it. I wish more restaurant owners would defy the order and just continue business as usual. I mean they already spent all the money on plexiglass divisions, retraining their staff, they cut their tables by 50-70% they cancelled buffets and similar hands-on features. What more do you want?

At some point, you have to wonder... are these restrictions really because of safety? Really?

Saigon Beach - Vietnamese Food in Newport Beach (video)

This is a video froma previous visit. Enjoy!

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