Announcing the Dot Com Lifestyle Meetup with John Chow

After a week long hiatus I'm happy to announce my newest adventure. The Dot Com Lifestyle meetup. What is the Dot Com Lifestyle meetup you ask? This new meetup that I'll be running with my friends Mark Berkowitz and John Chow is called the Dot Com Lifestyle because it will focust on helping you achieve the elusive but highly desired dot com lifestyle. This is a lifestyle of freedom as John says.

A little background.

I believe that John actually coined the term several years back, and it refers to the concept of having the financial freedom, to do anything you want with your time and do it from anywhere in the world. Entire books have been written about this idea. One example, the 4 hour workweek by Tim Ferris. This is Location, Time and Money freedom! So when I started running meetups, I started with Smart and Social, but Smart and Social was too broad. I was going to teach you all about technology and blogging, websites, email and social media. But I found that we didn't really have a clear focus. The answer to WHY? wasn't clear.

Our focus is clear.

So we're redefining it. The Dot Com Lifestyle will teach you technology, that is the main topic. But the focus is to learn all this stuff with the goal of quitting the 9 - 5 grind and making more than enough money from anywhere in the world. We will teach you how to run this lifestyle from your laptop, or ipad or even just an internet browser. You'll learn how to blog, how to do email, social media, google analytics, and all the other stuff you keep hearing about so you can actually make passive income and take control of your life. We invite you to join. Now, just watch this video and join us.

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