Composting Away my Greens

So it seems that the compost is doing well. The morning after I wrote my last post, I decided to add the leftovers I had waiting, the same leftovers that I showed you before in the freezer bag.

When I went to add them I noticed that the compost felt a little too wet. Since it was time to clean up the patio anyway, I knew I would have dry material to add this should soak up the excess water.


I gave the whole thing a good mix, then I dumped the contents of the bag into the compost and randomly just tossed them around with some of the existing material. I then cleaned up the patio using the vacuum/mulcher.


The model I have is great, I think it was around $50.00 new. It claims to serve three purposes, leaf blower, vacuum, and mulcher. I think its misleading because you can't vacuum without mulching, so really its either a leaf blower or a mulcher with a vacuum. Its not like you could use this as a dry shop vac for example. It takes me about one minute to cover the whole patio.


When I'm done, I am left with a bag full of broken down leaves and the occasional twig here and there, perfect "brown" materials for the compost.


Here's what it looks like after I added the leaves, not very exciting huh?


Then that was it for that time. After reading more about composting, and the different methods and techniques I think I'm going to start turning it every two to three days. The majority of the advice I read (I take it with a grain of salt anyway) say something to the effect that the more you turn it the better.

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