Bitcasa Updates client, Finally ads Bandwidth Throttling

I restarted my computer for the first time in a few weeks. I love that about my mac, don't really need to restart it very often. But when I do I always find little surprises. Today the surprise was a series of updates to several apps I use.

Update: Bitcasa is in my shitlist, and that's a very short list.

I generally turn off notifications and updates for things like this but usually they show up when you startup the app like after a reboot.

The one update I really want to share with you is a Bitcasa update. I am very excited about this update because they finally have added bandwidth throttling. Bandwidth throttling means that you can control how much of your internet connection you allow Bitcasa to use.

This is important if you want to use your internet and don’t want Bitcasa to take over and slow down your other internet applications, Gmail, Youtube, Netflix, etc. Prior to this update, it was a real problem using Bitcasa.

It had two modes of operation. Off mode and take-over-your-computer mode. It is nice that they finally improved that and gave us a little bit of control. Also, before, if I wanted to turn Bitcasa off, I could never really quit Bitcasa properly. I had to force-quit it or start up a terminal and use some special commands to forcefully kill the program.

But things seem to be improving in the development of the app. So why don’t I introduce you to Bitcasa. And I'll try to show you some of the features in a few blogposts and videos.

If you're not familiar with Bitcasa, let me tell you about it really quick because it may be interesting to you. Just like Dropbox, Sugarsync, iCloud and other services out there, Bitcasa lets you store your files on the cloud. Their unique proposition is that they offer unlimited storage space for a flat fee. You can synchronize your local folders (like a backup), or you can upload files that live only in the cloud.

The most attractive features are their "infinite storage" and backing up your files including external hard-drives.

If you’re interested in checking it out, head over to Bitcasa now and let me know what you think. I am hesitant to say that they are ready for prime time, but I think they're ready for me to tell you about them.

Here are some screenshots of the upgrade process and I’ve made some comments some of them. I’ve been hesitant to write a review about this because they have been slow at fixing some things and the experience of using Bitcasa can be really frustrating. I didn't want to tell you about it until they fixed certain things. If I had written a review before, it would have been mostly negative and you know what they say...


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