What does Stacking Sats Mean?

Stacking Sats is a common phrase in the bitcoin community. If you want to get straight to the point, stacking sats is short for "stacking satoshis." But what does stacking sats actually mean?

A satoshi (sat) is the smallest unit of Bitcoin you can buy. In case you didn't know, amongst the many differences between Bitcoin and regular currency, is that one single Bitcoin can be divided into 1,000,000,000 pieces. Each one of those is one satoshi.

The analogy to regular currency, like the U.S. Dollar is like this. Think about 1 dollar being the "whole" unit, while 1 penny is 1 tiny fraction of a dollar. In the same way, 1 Bitcoin is a "whole" unit, while 1 Satoshi is a tiny fraction of that.

Stacking sats means buying satoshis.

Before Bitcoin's value shot up, past a few hundred dollars, it was inexpensive to buy a full coin. But as the price of Bitcoin (currently around $60,000 - check real-time prices here) goes up, buying a full coin can be out of most people's reach. So instead of buying full bitcoins, you can buy satoshis which are of course a lot more affordable. The whole goal is to "HODL" Bitcoin, meaning buy and hold as much as you can.

Currently, as the price of Bitcoin hovers around $60,000 USD, you can buy around 1600 satoshis with $1.00. If you want to check this in real-time for an accurate price, you can use a USD to Satoshi calculator like this one.

Now that you know what stacking sats means, check out this video, it's my response to @BrainnHarrington and why I decided to write this post, and now you know.


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