This Guy Will Electrify Your Business and Revive Your Purpose. Get to Know Him

Just watching this video gets me fired up and excited about business. I've followed Gary's story since I can remember. Back when social media was brand new you could smell the newly unwrapped smell.

I have a picture with him somewhere during his first book's tour.

And why? Not only because he's a fast talker, but because he works (and worked) his ass off to get to where he is now.

He's one of those guys that predicts the future of social media, marketing and business in general, but then puts his head down and makes things happen. Then he'll either push everything to happen the way he predicted or he'll just create a new trend.

Like his latest Q&A series and quick videos. Lots of people did this before, but now that Gary does them, everyone is jumping in the bandwagon.

But this just showed up in my Youtube inbox and it was a cool video. Great for the fans, (I admit to being a fan). And a great introduction for the uninitiated. Enjoy


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