Say What? Coco Jack was on Shark Tank


I totally disagree with the first few investors and I find it a shame that the first four of them passed on the guy. Glad of the overall outcome.
I was a fan of Coco Jack long before it became popular. I have had the pleasure of using it at least a dozen times or more this summer.

The cool thing about young thai coconuts is that they are available year around. The only problem is the price. Over the summer I monitored prices and each coconut was priced between $1.59 and $4.59.

Each coconut contains about 8 - 12 ounces of water so depending on the market price of the fruit you may be better off buying coconut water from the store already.

But I haven't tried a pre-packaged coconut water drink that tastes like when you open up a coconut fresh at home. Since Coco Jack went on Shark Tank, it has become more and more popular.

Picture of a coco jack after opening a coconut
Using the coco jack to get coconut water and meat fresh.

Hopefully you can find young coconuts near your house at a decent price. Get a Coco Jack and you'll be set to drink fresh coconut water anytime you want.

I found a coupon that will give you a discount when you order the Coco Jack so make sure you use it for some savings. The Coco Jack discount code is: SWEETCOCO, go here to get one.

If you are going to get one, I recommend you get either the Coco Jack Pack (49) or the Coco Jack Deluxe (88)

You gotta get one, opening up coconuts with this is easy! Check it out:

If you are in Orange County, You'll find young thai coconuts almost on any Ralphs, Albertsons, Whole Foods, or any ethnic supermarkets. Asian and Latin markets tend to have the best prices too.

If you aren't in Orange County California, then look around for ethnic supermarkets and see if they carry coconuts. If you are lucky to live near fresh coconuts at the beach, then go find some and enjoy!

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