How to Get Your Book into Barnes & Noble

While hanging out at Affiliate Summit, I got a chance to catch up with Shoemoney, one of the OGs of affiliate marketing.

He shared a little-known trick about getting your book into Barnes & Noble stores and didn't mind me capturing it on video for you.

As with anything like this, YMMV. Obviously, your book is going to have to be good and desirable and all that good stuff.

Then I also wonder if you do it correctly how many big box stores could you sneak your way into with other products, not just books?

It would only work with small items because it would be difficult to sneak a lot of them in.

But anyway, here's the video

How to Get Your Book into Barnes & Noble Video

Errm... we'll call this the quick, not-guaranteed, probably-will-not-work, legit-but-not, red tape-less, jump-the-line, method to get your self-published book into the big bookstore.

Years ago, I had heard of a similar trick to get promotion and visibility but it didn't really aim at getting picked up by Barnes & Noble or even other retailers.

The trick was to bring your own books in a backpack or a duffel bag when you go to the airport, for example, and where you see books and magazines, and just pop your books in there.

If you designed a great cover and your book looks good, if it is attractive then it will sell.

Granted, won't see any money from the sale of the books but you'll gain new readers hopefully. The book might cost you $3-10 to print so it could be a fair price for a new name on your list.

The cashier will just manually ring up the book. If the book doesn't come up then they'll just charge the customer the price listed in the cover.

If their system is more sophisticated they might put it into the database.

My buddy called it reverse theft, lol.

Since you most likely will not receive any money from the sale, your only benefit will be having a new reader and the opportunity for you to put a great offer in front of your new reader.

So make sure you've set up your incentives, multiple tier funnels and email list ready for action when you do something like this.

Since Affiliate Summit West is coming up soon, I thought I'd share this with you. A good reminder of the value that Affiliate Summit has to offer.

Even out of sessions, you'll learn little tips and tricks that can be worth the price of attendance.

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