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Meetup - The Best Social Network?

I've heard this now a few times. Is that the network is the best real "social" network. I see it as connecting real life interests with virtual communities and truly bridging the geographical gaps.

When you realize that there are other people interested in the same things as you are, and you can likely find a group of them meeting on a regular basis, within 10 or 15 miles from your location, that's cool. This has never happened before at this scale. These people are meeting, quickly online and then in real life. And trust me! they're not just tweeting about it, they're not just blogging about it.

Take for example even SMMOC is fueled by is quietly growing and will be shaking things up quite a bit. Connecting people in real life, that's where it all comes down to.

That's powerful. That's a strong network. And my thoughts on #Foursquare is that #Fsq is cool but in comparing the two, vs Foursquare?

They're very different so I wouldn't compare them much. joins you with like-minded individuals in a comfortable group setting. Foursquare in the other hand tells you which places are the happening spots around your current location.

Cheryl Hawley - @CherylAHawley
To find events in your area do you favor @foursquare or @meetup? #smmoc

I thought this was a great topic of discussion. Regarding a choice between the two, well they're really both two different things. Meetup is really good at bridging the digital knowledge and virtual relationshiphs into real in life meetings.

I've met some really great people at different meetups. But like @24x7media said, the people attending all have a common interest.

Foursquare in the other hand is good at telling you what type of places might be good to visit because they are trendy. Or at least trendy within social media circles, scratch that... at least within those that play Foursquare. In the grand scheme of things Foursquare isn't that big. But it's getting there...

Jeff Hester - @jeffhester
RT @DarinRMcClure: Time to lurk the #SMMOC hashtag & enjoy the cutting edge thought on the social space that happens there... Good Morni ...

See!? Everybody does it, so you might as well do it and next time you have to miss #SMMOC just lurk. Use the hashtag (as covered in today's meetup) to follow what people are talking. You can choose to participate or just watch.

William Blumberg - @WilliamBlumberg
Here are some operators for Twitter #SMMOC

Not the smooth operator kind, but the Advanced Search Operators. As mentioned in the meeting today, these are called Boolean. You can find more info about Boolean searching with this basic intro to boolean searching on the internet page .

The basics boolean searching is that you can pick a search that has multiple parameters, perhaps joining two different sets of data, or excluding a section of the data by using a filter and excluding certain terms.

Bob (Robert) Watson - @TopBrokerOC
One way to totally irritate your customer #ATT is to throttle back my iPhone data speed. #SMMOC

AT&T... You really don't want to upset @TopBrokerOC... He's got Klout and a room full of people every Saturday morning. Just cut the crap and let people have unlimited data, really. This is just greedy!

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