How to get 1000s of Followers on Twitter

A short while ago I wrote a long blogpost that explains how to grow your Twitter account. I decided to make a video to show you how to get more followers.

I've used this technique to get 1000s of followers. When I started using Rewst, I had just around 3000. I'm close to 8000 followers now and continue to grow.

I have to remind you that you have to be mindful of how you use Rewst, or any other Twitter growth tool. You MUST work on engaging with your followers and those that you follow. Without real engagement, the number of followers you have becomes nothing more than a vanity metric.


One of the things that is great about Rewst that I didn't mention in the video, and maybe I'll cover it in a future blogpost is their virtual assistant service. If you don't think you have the time to do what I showed you in the video, they have a service where a person will do the work for you.

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