Shoutouts and Sunday Funday Updates

I've been posting a lot more lately, did you notice? Daily all last week, and this week and today is no exception. Thanks for reading and Thank you to all of you that took a moment to comment on a story. It's encouraging to see you guys leaving comments.


Here's a quick shoutout to all of you. Oh yeah, 1-word comments don't count:

Philip from PV Ariel. Philip is a blogger and super connector bringing experts and authors together to offer readers a variety of topics and resources to help them grow. (commented here)

Robin Khokhar from Tricky Enough, a blog about blogging, tech, SEO, and WordPress. Interesting posts! (commented here)

Emily, my good friend and partner in crime in many endeavors. Love you! You can find and follow Emily on Twitter. And she can also help you with strategic outreach through some of the biggest social media outlets in the planet. (commented here)

Stephanie from Robbins Interactive an amazing resource for anybody trying to grow their affiliate program through better management and outreach. (commented here)

Nick from Nick Throlson Web Design. Nick has a professional web design service business and he's one of our members at the Dot Com Lunch meetup. (commented here)

Lisa from Caffeinated Millenial! You should go check out Lisa's blog. Great blog in a variety of topics of interest to millennials. (commented here)

Minnie from Minnie Riley. Looks like Minnie is just getting started with this blog, so cheers, Minnie and good luck!  (commented here)

John from Long Beach Comedy where you can find information about the comedy scene in Long Beach. (commented here)

Chris from The Pro Hustler, a new blog covering some social media and Internet marketing topics. Great start Chris! (commented here)

Updates about the blog

Plugin Updates

I removed the ratings plugin, I was using WP-PostRatings. I found that it wasn't really doing a whole lot for me. Only a few people would ever rate the posts; between 3 - 7 ratings on posts that get thousands of views.

The plugin rating stars show up on Google results so I am a little concerned whether this affects rankings or clickthroughs from search engine results, but only time will tell. I might reinstate it on posts that make sense to have a rating, like tutorials or product reviews.

Layout changes

I re-arranged some things on the sidebar to be more reader-centric instead of just what I wanted to show you. Also added a section to give you access to social media growth tools I'm using. Namely Valet for Twitter, Social Runner for Instagram, Buffer for all networks, and the Wolf Millionaire Instagram course. You can see it at the top of the sidebar on any Instagram, Twitter and other social media related posts.

Internal cleanup

I continue to clean up the categories and tags. This has taken way longer than I wanted, but I need to make sure I don't break any links as I go through and rename or remove tags or categories. I'm down to under 500 tags from 1200+, and from a couple hundred categories to under 60!

I've sent an email every day last week, primarily to match each blog update and to keep in touch with you.

If you haven't seen them, please check your inbox and check the promotions tab if you're using Gmail, or the junk folder if you haven't seen emails from me. And of course, make sure you're subscribed too! Click here to subscribe if you aren't already.

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