Picture of Syed Balkhi, Zac Johnson, John Chow and John Rampton

Six Figure Blogging at Affiliate Summit


Zac Johnson, Syed Balkhi, John Chow and John Rampton led the Six Figure blogging at Affiliate Summit. This is one of the most popular sessions during the event because you have some of the biggest bloggers on the Internet sharing their tips and advice.

Picture of Syed Balkhi, Zac Johnson, John Chow and John Rampton
Super affiliates and super bloggers dishing out the know-how at ASW16

For bloggers that have found at least some level of success, what they present during this panel may seem common sense. But If you really want to make money and really build something substantial around your blog then this is a great session to attend, even if you have been blogging for sometime already.

Here are some takeaways.

Building a blog to make money is like building a business. You need at least a plan and strategy to achieve your goals. You have to be disciplined and stick to it for the long term.

A blog is not something you can just do and start making money right away. It is a long term investment in time and effort.

You must be building your email list as soon as possible because many people will never come back to your site. They forget, they are uninterested, so try to get their emails with a tool like this one. This will help you reach out to them and establish a relationship.

You can use something like Aweber.

Some of the struggles for bloggers include lack of focus and lack of goals. You have to stick to it, avoid distractions and set clear goals. Don't compare yourself to others because you can be demotivated.

Don't compare your chapter 1 to my chapter 40.

John Rampton

You can compare yourself to try to achieve more, but stick to your goals and persevere. If you compare yourself to much bigger or advanced bloggers, that can be demotivating.

Hanging out with Syed Balkhi from Optinmonster & WP Beginner
Hanging out with Syed Balkhi from Optinmonster & WP Beginner

Try to hold off on diversifying too much early on. Instead stick to what is working the most and focus on that. Once you're established and have resources to diversify then you can do it but avoid this at first.

Find something that works for you and double-down on it!

Syed Balkhi

Quality content and valuable services trump aesthetics. Syed says that you shouldn't worry about your photos for example, if they are super high definition, or regular images the normal naked eye can't tell the difference. Work on your content, work on the value you're bringing to the reader and visitor rather than imagery.

Spend time building relationships. A great tool for this is to use the search Twitter feature and use the advanced searches to narrow down your query by location and emotion. Then engage with those people talking about the topic you want and build a loyal fan base this way.

A great way to find good guest spots is to engage with the gatekeepers of the site. Find out who the editors are for the sites you want to guest blog for and engage with them on Twitter.

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