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I use the word tutorial a bit loosely. You can find find guides, how-to blogposts and FAQ in here. I also write Website tutorials at Real Free Website

Remove Black and White Backgrounds

This is a very useful tutorial showing how to remove or blend two images with a black or white background. Very slick, this is very useful when creating your banners or ads for marketing. I know that whenever I get photos or images from Shutterstock they're usually on a black or white background so this is very handy…
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Moving from WordPress.com to WordPress.org (video tutorial)

Lots of people start blogging at WordPress.com. WordPress.com is easy to use, you can get started quickly and it's free. Other benefits include the built-in community that exposes your blog to millions of potential readers and a technical benefit is that WordPress.com is robust and reliable. Your blog there will probably never go down. If it goes down,…
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