Cover image announcing AHA moments podcast

AHA Moments Announcement

Kim Dang and I are starting a new podcast & video series for entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers. We kicked off the first episode live on Facebook.

We have done four episodes and we are settling into a schedule. As of right now, we have scheduled Tuesday nights and you can join our group to get the episodes live.

We're also working on getting our Youtube channel up as well as developing our Facebook page.

Our first episode kicked off and we talked about AHA! moments in online entrepreneurship and affiliate marketing. The whole thing was a play on words with the content and the title. AHA Talks stands for After Hours Affiliate Talks, but episode 1 was literally about those "aha! moments" that we have as entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers.

Join our Facebook group here to catch the live shows, replays, and ask questions and learn more about affiliate marketing.

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