Trip Advisor’s Badge System

Trip Advisor is one of the most neglected places for influencers in the U.S. It's starting to pick up some steam, but most reviewers I have talked to feel like it doesn't have that much social clout or incentives so they tend to ignore it.

I love Trip Advisor as a reviewer. I really like their detailed rating system, and I think it gives us a chance to dive deep into the nuances of our review. The overall system doesn't encourage the usual all-or-nothing rating system you tend to see on Google or Yelp.

Even though Google and Yelp offer 1-5 levels of review, most people stick to 5-star reviews if they liked the place or 1 if they didn't like it. Trip Advisor reviews seem more realistic.

I think Trip Advisor reviews are great. I specifically like their rewards system for reviewing places and experiences. Like Google Guides, they give the reviewer points and badges for completing certain milestones.

This is where I stand right now, but I haven't really updated it since the lockdowns started just at the end of 2019. If you're on Trip Advisor and would like to follow me, here's my profile at Trip Advisor.

Trip Advisor Badge Collection

Trip Advisor has a lot of badges available, it seems that they have put a little more thought and effort into them than Google has for their own, and I like that.

I have received the following ones:

These are the rest of the badges.

I'm missing a lot of these, but I'll get there and hopefully get them all. Some of them will be really easy to get. Some of them may be more difficult.

I have some interesting observations about the badge system at Trip Advisor. Some of the badges are based on other visitors to the site, like the readership badges, other ones are solely based on our own activity on our reviews, like the photographer badges. Also, if you notice, some of them have levels.

The level threshold for the badges that have one is indicated when you click on a badge. For example, the Resort Expert Level 1 requires three resort reviews. Most of the badges that have levels increase in level after 3 reviews.

Some other badges, like your "Passport", just include how many cities you've reviewed places in.

I guess my goal is to light all of them up and then just keep leveling up. It shouldn't be too hard.

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