Vlog 1 – Family Time and Internet Marketing

What are Vlogs? Vlogs are somewhat of a new trend. They're short videos, 3 to 15 minutes long and they're updates about whatever the publisher is into. You can think of them as home-made reality TV although some of the more popular ones have really high production quality.

This is my nth attempt at doing a vlog series and we'll see if this one works out well. Most of the problems I've had with previous series relate to my own roadblocks. I believe I've eliminated some of those things that stopped me from doign it before and this time around it should work.

The first Vlog is just me spending some time with the kids and the family and I also invite you to learn about internet marketing, I invite you to invest in yourself.

As usual, you can watch it on Youtube on my regular channel or just below:

Without further ado, here's Vlog #1


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