Why Being Realistic is Delusional

This is the answer to many of your questions of "what if?" Are you stuck with the unrealistic situations that could, maybe, possibly, perhaps happen?

We tend to do this a lot. When I tell people about starting a blog or starting a business many freeze with all these issues they create in their mind. Problems, obstacles, and pitfalls.

Here's the catch though, most of those problems don't exist and never happen. But we have a tendency to try to anticipate and come up with plans and solutions and designs for all the "what ifs."

This video made me laugh and reminded me of when I started my business. Even now, sometimes I find myself creating these problems and I have to snap myself back to reality to remind myself:

that's probably never going to happen, and it's just distracting me from what I have to get done now.

For some reason, everybody does this. Some people more than others, a good healthy dose of planning is great, but don't let preparation and planning turn into paranoia and fear to a point where you get stuck or distracted from your end goal and the next steps required to accomplish the target.

Take for example the business I have told you about for a while. You can make a list of all the problems you could find when you start the business. What if people don't like my logo? What if I run out of minutes on my cell phone plan? What if my WiFi goes down? What if my computer crashes? What if my prospect or lead says no to my offer?

All of these are possible, but they don't matter now, and they shouldn't keep you from taking action. Make a short plan for what you want to do, outline goals, a strategy and the tactics needed to accomplish the goals and get started. Stop worrying about the inconsequential.

If you've been wanting to start an online business for a while, but aren't sure what to do next, then start with this video for the 21 step training and then decide if it's right for you. Remember, those pesky questions like: "what if it's not for me?" or "what if I don't like it?" or "what happens if it doesn't work?" are all backed up by a 100% money back guarantee so you'll get your $49.00 back if you change your mind.

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