Why People Love Working from Home

Once upon a time, the world was an agrarian economy. Most people relied on agriculture for their livelihood. They lived and worked on farms, and the concept of going to an office for work wasn’t there.

The industrial revolution in America changed everything. 

People started moving out of their farms and started working for wages in factories. Railroads, transportation systems, and infrastructure was being developed. People began to travel several miles for work. 

Eventually, people got used to working from an office. It became a regular feature of a working person’s life.

With the advent of the internet and technology, the work-from-home has seen a significant revival. In the last decade, the number of people working from home has dramatically increased. Today, more than 8 million people in the US work from home

People realize the many benefits of working from home. Even companies are encouraging their employees to work remotely because it saves them costs in office space and gives them access to a broader pool of talent. 

Another reason for the revival of the work from home concept is the massive growth of the gig economy. There are a whole new bunch of workers, who are freelancers and work for multiple companies on specific gigs. There are so many freelancing sites where gig workers can bid for gigs. 

Here are some of the reasons why people love working from home: 


Having control over your day is among the major benefits of working from home. This is because you can set as well as modify your working hours to meet the requirements of your lifestyle. If you feel like you want to take a power nap during the day, you sleep. If you feel like doing your work late at night, you can plan your work time then. Many companies typically allow their remote employees to choose their working hours.

More importantly, companies only care about the work getting done. They do not care what time of the day you work. Freelancers who are effective can get more done in less time, and get paid for the amount of work done instead of the number of hours they work. 

In a survey done by Flexjobs, 68% of the respondents said flexibility was one of the most important factors in their job. Survey respondents included entrepreneurs, freelancers, stay-at-home moms, digital nomads, and students. The survey clearly shows that people from various professions are looking for flexibility in their jobs. 

No More Commuting

Working from home reduces job-related travel issues. Most Americans usually spend lots of money on fuel. There are additional expenses that many don’t consider, such as wear and tear on the vehicle, tolls, and car maintenance. Commuting is not only unpleasant and stressful, but it also consumes a lot of time that would otherwise be used in doing other productive things. 

Those people living in bigger cities know the pain that comes with rush hour and bumper-to-bumper traffic while going to and from work. It consumes energy and puts you in a bad mood in the morning. It also takes away your time for your family. While working from home, you are at your office as soon as you wake up.

About 42% of respondents in the flexjobs survey cited “commute stress” as one of the most important reasons to seek a remote job. 

More Time for Personal Pursuits

No more taking up a lot of time in the office or on the job premises. Working from home allows you to have a flexible schedule. This means that you can create time for your children and family or pursue passionate hobbies.

More productivity

Work from home can make some people more productive. This is because they don’t get distracted by their co-workers, and they are usually in a quiet environment. The lack of office disturbances makes it easier to concentrate and get the work done. Besides, the work environment is in the worker’s control. Workers can personalize their work environment according to their tastes, and find ways to optimize their productivity.

In fact, in a survey, more than 86% of workers said they are more productive when they work alone, without any distractions. 

Improved employee retention

Employees sometimes move to another city to be with their spouse, or close to their families; which can cause them to leave their jobs. Companies that allow employees to work remotely are less likely to lose an employee because they moved to a different city. 

Home-based employees are generally happier when they work from home. It’s especially convenient for parents who have childcare responsibilities since it gives them better flexibility to take care of their children. Besides, working from home is such an attractive work benefit, and employees who have experienced it are less likely to leave for another firm that does not offer flexible working schedules.

No office supplies

Companies spend a substantial amount of money on maintaining an office. The costs of rent, electricity, maintenance, office supplies can all add up and reduce the profitability of the company. The company can use these savings to offer better incentives to their remote workers. 

Fewer sick days off

Cases like food poisoning and colds make going into the office a miserable thing, but working from home is not so bad even if you have a little cold. Homeworkers take fewer sick days off. 

It is because employees who might have a cold or a mild sickness can still get the work done from home, while office employees tend to take the whole day off. Additionally, the enhanced work-life balance means that employees are less likely to get sick in the first place since their stress levels are usually lower. Another additional benefit is that there is no sharing of illnesses, thus, an excellent way to improve the work environment


During cold days, you cover yourself in a blanket and continue working from the comfort of your couch, which makes one productive as there are no psychological thoughts of how one will reach a workplace.

More Time with Family

Since there is no waste of your valued time on traveling, you have enough time to spend it with your family. You can watch the children in the morning and do your work in the afternoon. You will also have time to attend school events, which you had missed previously. You also have time to meet and mingle with your friends. It strengthens your relationships. 

Closeness to home and family

For the majority, the physical proximity to family as well as the convenience that comes with being at home is very comforting. It can be calming for parents to know that they are very close to their kids, and they are also available should the need arise. This case also applies to elderly care. Most women find it tough balancing their family and work. The same case applies to men as well. Working from home allows you to work from home thus, giving you the much-required flexibility to spend good time with your family. You will plan your timetable and create time for your family. This can be impossible when you have to travel or when you have to work until late in the office.

The Office Can Be Anywhere

Just as you can work from home, you cannot be tied to work at your house entirely. This means that you can change the location of your job either to a coffee shop or even sit by a beach. You can also do your job while on vacation. Work can be done during live concerts, or while listening to your favorite music. 

Work Attire

You can wear whatever you want while working at home. There no blazers, dress pants, suits, and ties as it may be required to wear while you go to an office. In this case, your wardrobe may not be of so much significance and thus can wear whatever you are comfortable with. There’s no need to make your hair or apply makeup, or even have a shower. 

Time for appointments

Working from home allows you to have time for appointments to your physician, and doctors; during your breaks, this may not happen when attending your office-based jobs. 

Increased talent

When working from home, companies can hire the best professional, talented employees, despite where they are and who they are. This means they can work with anyone, anywhere in the world and may not be necessarily residing in the company’s location. 

Nobody watching you

You can work at your own pace when you feel fresh, and the concentration levels are at the highest. Working from home, you don’t have that shame or guilt of being late. There is no one physically watching you. 

Employees won’t always feel the need for a vacation

When working from home, you feel like it’s a break from the routine office work. Since work from home employees are location independent, they can work even when they are on vacation. 

Stay away from useless meetings

Workers, especially those in offices, are required to attend office meetings that are a must, and sometimes these meetings may be of no value. By working from home, you may not worry about these unworthy meetings. The only meeting that you may need to attend is with your clients and managers either on the phone or on Skype. 

Access to healthier food

As many workers are busy in the morning, they find little or no time to make a healthy meal. The benefit of working from home is that you can have ample time to access the kitchen anytime, which means that whenever you are hungry, you can have ready health food at your disposal. This may include fresh food rather than vending machine snacks.

More sleep

Most workers are not getting the six to eight hours of recommended sleep. Insufficient sleep can make our immune system weak, which can cause illnesses and lower productivity at work. All the time saved on commuting can be used to get a good night’s sleep. 

Less stress

The stress of commuting daily in bumper-to-bumper traffic at rush hour is very counterproductive and usually leads to dissatisfied workers. This is because they get exhausted and worn out even before they have begun their day. This is a reality, especially when the place of work is far from home. Additional stresses include hostile coworkers, a suboptimal work environment in addition to continuous distractions. Working from home reduces stress, and it’s a way to improve the work environment


Employees who have control over their work schedules have reduced stress. They usually get time to eat better and exercise more. They have higher spirits and a healthier attitude in general. They can plan their time and do their work as needed. Work from home is here to stay. Many companies are beginning to realize the importance of work from home, and are offering their employees incentives to work from home. 

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