You MUST Do this for your WordPress Site. SSL Certificates — This Week with John and Oscar

While we were attending WordCamp Orange County, we thought we'd make a video for our loosely and not at all consistent new segment This Week with John and Oscar series, but this time it's related to WordPress and your website's security.

Having a secured site is important even if you aren't selling or collecting data. By secured, in this context, we're talking just about the identity of the site being secured by using SSL.

Google cares, so... get on it. If you don't you could be left behind.

Here's Neil Patel's take on it. says this about the whole SSL discussion. SSL and https have been a ranking factor since 2014, and increasing in importance ever since.

We didn't cover it in the video, but most modern and reputable hosting systems offer new and FREE SSL certificates. Let's Encrypt, Comodo, and a few others are some of the options out there that provide free SSL certificates (this blog post has a good list).

Hint, hint, if I haven't made it clear enough yet, you need SSL on your website. No longer is customer data a requirement for SSL, but now it's just a basic SEO ranking factor.

Check your own web hosting dashboard to request your free SSL and get it installed. If you don't see it or if it isn't obvious, chat with your support rep to get an answer.

However, if your host isn't helping here are some options for hosts that support free SSL options and I highly recommend:

Inmotion Hosting is offering a 50% off your first bill AND they offer FREE SSL like I described in this video. Must use the link below:

This is my host, and sponsor. They host and several other projects for me. If you want other options, look below:

Other hosts that offer free, point and click SSL certificate setup: (environmentally friendly) * (white glove treatment) ** (truly outstanding support) ** (tried and true, has something for everybody)

I put asterisks next to the ones I recommend the most. More asterisks means I recommend it more, but in any case here's the video:

Here's the video:

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