You Need a Website – TikTok Series (Part 1)

I posted a video on TikTok recently for my followers, to help them start on their website. It's part 1 of a series of guidance and instructional content I plan on delivering.

As I've been preaching for years, YOU need a website. It used to be that only publishers, bloggers, or sellers would need a website, but nowadays with the future of the Internet at stake, everybody needs a website. Heck, I have a website for my kids, I locked in their domain names long ago.

Censorship and control in social media are at an all-time high. Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, and every other social media platform out there have control and censorship guidelines that are restrictive and censorious at worst, murky at best.

You could post something that seems innocuous to you but inadvertently puts your account at risk of suspension or outright deletion. This happened to me.

I've had my own TikTok videos restricted without a clear understanding of why.

This is why you need a website. Yes, build an audience on your favorite platform, use Instagram, use TikTok, use Facebook even. Use whatever social platform you want, but always have a place that is your own, and make references to it frequently as a place for your followers to connect.

A website can be simple, one page with a "sign up form" where your followers can join your email list, or find what other platforms you're involved with. This way, in case you get suspended, restricted, or simply move on to the next "big thing" your friends, fans and followers can still find you.

The original video from Tiktok is here, and it's part of a series that I'll document here on the blog. If you want to jump ahead and get hosting, Inmotion Hosting (my host & sponsor) is currently having a sale where their Power plan is the same price as their Launch plan, check it out here.

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