How to Write More Gooder With this Brow sir Extenshion

U no, most ppl dunno how to right good. I kno its hard. But I has a solushion. I seen it. Imma tech u how to rite more gooder now.

In all seriousness, sometimes I see writing that is appalling. Heck, sometimes I see my own past writing and it's worthy of major cringe.

So what can we do about it? For decades I've used the spell check in Word, and then Google, and the built-in spell checker with Firefox and other browsers, but it's never enough.

Word introduced a grammar checker, I think with Office 2000, maybe before. I could be completely wrong, but I remember giving a class for MS Word in which I talked about this feature and that was for Office 2000, so it has been a while.

There have been a number of contextual grammar checkers over time, but they never really work well.

A few years ago I discovered Grammarly. This is by far, the best spell checker and grammar checker available on the market today.

Unfortunately, it's only for English. I wish there was something like this for Spanish as well, but I don't think there is. Perhaps I haven't looked for it yet.

I Love Grammarly. I just got an email from them and I thought I'd write about it because it is a perfect example of why I keep the subscription active.

The newest feature introduced by Grammarly is "Tone Detector." They already have contextual choices when you write, to help you determine if you're writing casually or formally, or if your audience is general or technical and stuff like that. You can check out Grammarly here.

But now they took it up one level by adding a way to determine if your email may come across as aggressive, or confident or defensive. This gives you a chance to revise your words and maybe use a different, what do you call it... tone?

Here's a video I made about the new update. Enjoy

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