How To Close the Sale: 9 Common Objections

I've been fascinated with psychology since an early age; I enjoy analyzing why things are the way they are and why people do things. As a marketer, I know that the more I know about selling and how people make decisions, the better I will do.

I know I'm a salesman, everyone else is a salesperson too, some of you just don't know it, so this post should be helpful to you as well.

So I've been studying some sales techniques and methods. Today I'm breaking down a video I found that was extremely helpful and I think it might be useful for you if you want to improve your sales at skills.

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See, selling is just about overcoming objections to convince the prospect that what you have is valuable and useful for them, today. Not tomorrow, not after they talk to their partner, not after they think about it, today. Now.

The first thing is to be sure and make sure that your product or service is, in fact, valuable and useful. Without that, even if you can convince someone to buy something, your results in the long term will be lackluster.

If you don't believe in your product or service, your prospect will feel it, and even if you sell it, you will have trouble sleeping at night, so don't do it. But if you know in your heart that the product is good, the service is good then the sale needs to happen.

Closing the Sale: 9 Common Objections by Brian Tracy

This video covers nine common sales objections. I've been studying this video and a few others on the same topic. I'll probably share those with you soon as well.

This video is by Brian Tracy. If you have never heard of him, you should learn a little bit more about him.

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Before you watch this, and as you go through your own journey on learning to be a better closer, remember one of Brian's quotes:

Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, 'What's in it for me?' - Brian Tracy

This reiterates what I mentioned above about making sure the product or service you are offering is going to help your customer. On with the video, a few notes after the video below.

The nine common objections and how to recognize them and deal with them effectively are listed below with timestamps.

  1. The unspoken sales objection  (0:24)
  2. The excuses and impulse sales objection (1:03)
  3. The malicious sales objection (2:00)
  4. The request for more information sales objection (2:47)
  5. The show-off sales objection (3:11)
  6. The personal sales objection (3:54)
  7. The factual sales objection (4:26)
  8. The general resistance sale objection (4:58)
  9. The last ditch sales objection (5:50)

The video is short and sweet and I wish it had some more guidance about the specific situations, but it's a great start. My main question is whether these objections have a relationship to each other, specifically I wonder if they come in a particular order.

Do you agree that these are the most common objections? How would you handle them differently?

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