1. Wow Oscar, amazing post about Harsh and his blog. I need to check it out. I am looking forward to listening to your video interview with him.

  2. I couldn't catch the names of the bloggers Harsh considered most instructive. Could you translate them to text here in the comments?

  3. Hey @Oscar
    It was lovely meeting you & had a great time answering your smart questions. Looking forward to see you again in near future. Stay awesome! 🙂

  4. I was the first rider selected to ride with him on the journey he mentioned of 7000 Kms and yeah I agree he is a wealth of knowledge. He lives his life with a different perspective. Truely, inspired by him.

    Thanks Oscar for sharing the interview.

  5. This really keep motivating person like me to move more and more ahead. More new things yet to learn from all of you about digital marketing and its hidden insights.

    Wish one day I too will be sitting near you 🙂 which is very difficult.

  6. Hi Oscar
    Well it is always delight to read Harsh on Shoutmeloud. You get it right that he is one of the noblest and humble Internet Marketers I have ever met. I met him in India Affiliate Summit 2015. Being the top blogger in the country, he made us feel comfortable and helped us clearing our doubts. He is such a down to earth personality.
    Thanks Oscar for sharing this amazing interaction.


  7. Hi Oscar, I always enjoyed reading or listing Harsh blog and interview. Just because of him i start blogging his monthly income blog force me to start blogging.

  8. Hey Oscar,

    Harsh is always ready to help others! I also would like to meet him on a face to face basis and will make this happen one day surely. In this post you mentioned that you have learnt several things from his blogs which created curiosity in my mind as a blogger. Can you please let me know within few bullet points your learning after meeting him?

  9. woow.. it's very nice to read about one of the top most blogger in the world... that is harsh agarwal from shoutmeloud.. I personally thank Oscar for this awesome post...

  10. Hi oscar
    Thank you for the interview from the Indias top blogger Harsh who was one of my favourite blogger. Thanks for the tip enjoy blogging without feeling stress.

  11. Nice Guy. Whatever the things I assign to my SEO team, Their search will always end up with Shoutmeloud blog 🙂

  12. Hi Oscar,

    Thank you for sharing this video with us.

    Harsh is really a wonderful guy. He is the inspiration of thousands of bloggers. He has done a very hard work to reach on the position where he is today. And he deserves it.

  13. Hello,
    Shoutmeloud helps me a lot to understand blogging from zero.
    I recently started my blog.
    Thank you Harsh for Shoutmeloud and Oscar for cool interview.

  14. Hi Oscar,
    What a joy to see our friend Harsh on your page.
    Well said about an eminent blogger from India!
    He is indeed a pleasant and cool personality among many pro bloggers of India.
    His enthusiasm towards blog promotion among the youngsters of India is indeed praiseworthy!
    The Road show he conducts every now and then is a fitting example to this.
    In a recent one such show (Blog Meet) he was in our city The famous Pearl City of Nizams Now known as Hyderabad. And I had the opportunity to meet him and could share some lighter moments with him. I posted a note in this regard on my page. Here is the link of that post, hope you don't mind posting that here.
    I am sure your blog readers will definitely get some valuable lessons from this young but experienced pro blogger from India. The interview was short but it was so sweet too!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Keep sharing
    May you both have a wonderful weekend. 🙂
    Best Regards

  15. Hey Oscar

    Fabolous video .. came here from a tweet and totally loved watching. I know Harsh personally, he's cool guy. Keep writing 🙂

  16. Wonderful to know we have the dot com dedicated bloggers steadily in attendance at Affiliate Summit. Looking forward to meeting more of them. 🙂


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