90 Day Video Challenge

We recently started a video a day challenge to help you do online marketing. It's quite simple. You make and publish a video every day for 90 days.

Many will start but only a few will finish. Will you make it to the 90 day mark?

If you're an affiliate, a blogger, a social media professional or regular business person I recommend you join the challenge. If you want to learn Youtube and Facebook video then you should definitely join.

If you have a limited marketing budget, you should also join in the challenge as this could be the best way to market anything on the cheap.

You are invited to join the 90 Day Video Challenge.

The 90 Day Video Challenge is a challenge you can complete to improve your marketing skills, increase subscribers, fine tune your video production skills and ultimately make more money.

How does it work?

After you join the challenge, you are committed to publish one new video each day for 90 days straight. If you miss one day, you're out!

Who can join the video challenge?

Anybody that is willing to take up the challenge and improve themselves, learn something new and meet other like-minded people.

How do I join the challenge?

Make a commitment that you're going to do it, and join our Facebook group: 90 Day Video Challenge. In the group you'll find instructions and tips as well as support from other members to help you get through the challenge.

What kind of videos?

You get to decide what kind of videos. Most people do vlogs, or short informational videos about their business.

Do I have to be on camera for my videos?

No, you can make videos by creating slideshows and adding a voice over, you can make tutorial videos where your face isn't shown. There are many ways to complete this challenge without being on camera.

Is there a bounty or prize?

Not at this moment, but we're working on something. The biggest reward is the benefits that you get from completing the challenge; subscribers, experience, and more money!

Is there a penalty if you fail the challenge?

No, just your own feeling of defeat.

If I complete the challenge, will I become a YouTube star?

Probably not, but you can try.

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