Amazing Customer Service

Imagine that you placed an order for something online, and just at the right time the company sends you a text to give you an update on your order.

Doesn't sound too crazy does it? It's almost expected nowadays. Then when the order is on its way, they remind you one more time.

Of course, you can log into your account and check on the status. Most places have package tracking that gets updated regularly, and some even have it in real-time as they get updates from the carrier like FedEx or UPS.

That's what I want technology for. I don't want a million emails, or 12 texts telling me to buy this or the other. That's not a good use of technology, that's just lazy marketing.

But I was thoroughly impressed by a new company I bought food from. Check this out. There is no reason why YOU couldn't be using technology for your customers like this.

The stuff I bought is meat so it's really perishable; they ship it with dry ice to keep it cold. But it's still time-sensitive. Check it out, first I received an sms update:

SMS / Text Update

I got this as a normal text. Notice the link to the update is on their own website.

The text is really all you need. It has shipped, and its arrival ETA. But if you want more, you can click through to see more detailed information.

That could be all that I needed, a text letting me know the order is in its way. It reminds me the basic order I placed and its ETA. And really, that was all that I needed, right?

The golden update

But I can click on the link to see more information. This is the golden update, and it explains in part why Crowd Cow is doing so well and they're getting such good press.

This is what I found in that link:

That's thoughtful! Delivery notes, so simple yet so powerful!

I have information about the package, because naturally I would be concerned that the contents would spoil if I don't get to it quickly.

It tells me what the temperature is supposed to be in MY area, but they reasure me that it's packed with enough dry-ice to stay cool for a while anyway.

The other two sections I hilighted are so smart from a marketing perspective. One tells me recipes I could follow with the specific items I purchased.

The last section is more informative than anything about food in general, one recipe and one article about farming. Two snippets from their blog; I read one of those.

On the next post I'll talk about the packaging.

Key Takeaways

  • Go above and beyond what is expected. I expected updates on my order, but I didn't expect the level of detail and timely updates I received from Crowd Cow.
  • Provide more data and customized information for the specific customer.
  • Keep throwing jabs. NOT right hooks! See: Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. (hard cover | Kindle).
  • Don't misuse or abuse the customer's phone number.

So far I'm very impressed with Crowd Cow. What times we're living in huh!? Who would have ever thought that we would be ordering steaks online, without seeing, smelling and even touching the product first.

If you want to check out Crowd Cow, use my link, and we'll both get $25.00.

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