Better Than WordPress? That’s Blasphemous!

In today's driving with Oscar video, I talk about a system that is arguably better than WordPress. In some cases, where you don't need a blog or a platform to extend with plugins and special themes or custom development, this is better than WordPress.

I think this is particularly true today, especially with some of WordPress' latest "political" internal issues and conflicts like the Gutenberg debacle. But we're not going to get into that part right now although I have more to say on the matter.

But I want you to check out this and learn a little bit more about it on this link, and see how you could utilize this system to improve your current business.

Not just the next level but in the words of Grant Cardone, 10x your business. Whether you run a blog, a beauty salon, a software company, a plumbing service or you sell arts and crafts at your local flea market, this can help you increase your revenue.

Now, I get it, Grant Cardone isn't for everybody but his success is undeniable. You owe it to yourself to at least learn about the 10x secrets and the whole 10x funnel system it's by ClickFunnels so it's good.

I've been using ClickFunnels for 2 or 3 years and it works wonders on productivity and efficiency because its purpose is to drive revenue for your business.

With ClickFunnels, there is no need to update, patch, secure or maintain anything, no distracting plugins, widgets or stats.

ClickFunnels just works, whether you need to build one page to promote your latest product or service, or an entire website or campaign.

Yes I still love WordPress, but sometimes it is not the right tool. In the case where you already have WordPress, you should know that you can integrate the two very easily since ClickFunnels has a plugin for WordPress.

Check out the Driving with Oscar video below and give Clickfunnels a try. You can thank me later.


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