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You could say that this is the main blog section. The most frequently posted to and the most varied in blog within the blog. By far the most popular and sizable section of the site. Enjoy browsing around and getting a taste of all the stuff that I want to share with you but doesn’t really fit anywhere else.

You MUST Do this for your WordPress Site. SSL Certificates — This Week with John and Oscar

While we were attending WordCamp Orange County, we thought we’d make a video for our loosely and not at all consistent new segment This Week with John and Oscar series, but this time it’s related to WordPress and your website’s security. Having a secured site is important even if you aren’t selling or collecting data. By secured, in…

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Wait, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Uses G Cal? For Congress Business?

If you follow the news, and the political turmoil I’m so vehemently trying to stay away from, then you may know about the new controversy that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez found herself in recently. It seems that Alexandria gave her boyfriend access to her work calendar, and this caused a cacophony of complaints and accusations and more drama. As if…

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Taste of Huntington Beach

You need to save the date for the 19th Annual Taste of Huntington Beach – This is a short little vlog about the last Taste of Huntington Beach event I attended. Thank you to Surf City Family for inviting me to cover this as media! From the official Taste of Huntington Beach website: Featuring delectable tastes from local…

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