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Picture collage of the Blue Yeti Microphone

Blue Yeti USB Microphone Review & Comments

This is my Blue Yeti USB Microphone Review and some comments. Here's a little background first. I'm preparing a series of new video training and new podcast. I'd been doing videos and other voice recordings with a cheapo Cyber Acoustics headset. It works great but the sound is not the best. I got a chance to use a…
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Rooster Cafe Breakfast Burrito

One of my favorite spots to eat around Orange County is Rooster Cafe. It's in Costa Mesa. Their menu is short but packed with good stuff. They also serve breakfast all day, which is always a plus. That is probably my favorite thing there as well! I usually get the breakfast burrito. The other day I went there…
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Confused about SEO? Get Hittail – hittail seo review

SEO can be one of the most daunting elements of online marketing. And if you want your website to be read by many people, you need to be good at online marketing. It's a simple proposition really. The purists of social media will tell you this and that about organic growth, and relationship building, and puppies rainbows and…
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