Saigon Beach. A New Vietnamese Eatery in Newport Beach


When my sister first told me about this place called Saigon Beach in Newport Beach that was supposed to be great, I was skeptical because when you visit Newport Beach, you generally don't think of Vietnamese food.

In Southern California, if you want Vietnamese food, you go to Garden Grove, or maybe Fountain Valley. You don't go to Newport Beach, right?Well, Saigon Beach is breaking that mold. This relatively new eatery is introducing Vietnamese flavors and dishes to the area and it's getting terrific reviews.

Not that reviews are everything; I've had great food at restaurants rated less than 3 stars and conversely, I've had appalling food in restaurants rated close to 5 stars.

Saigon Beach is just a short walk, about minute or two from the Newport Beach pier on Balboa Blvd, tucked in between Rita's Italian ice (now closed) and a Kabob place, in a small spot that sits maybe 20 people.

hey have captured the essence and traditional flavors into a menu that blends fresh and edgy recipes making a nice fusion of Vietnamese cuisine and modern flavors.

You'll find dishes you expect at a Vietnamese restaurant, but they've been modernized a bit, even embracing a significant number of vegetarian options for thwant that.

The Banh Mi (Vietnamese baguette sandwiches) are amazing, as are the pork buns or bao, but the main attraction, the dish that people come here to get is their green rice with jackfruit.

It sounds weird I know but give it a try. It's amazing and for those of you that are vegans, this is for you. There are other plant based dishes as well.

Enough with me talking about this, check out the video and enjoy.

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