Vlog 16 – Sriracha Mango Yogurt by Chobani Video and Review

Did you watch the Vlog about Taste of Huntington Beach? Well, just before I close the end of that vlog I stopped by the Chobani booth. Turns out they were sponsoring the event, that's why they had such a nice booth.

While I was there, they gave me some samples and so I decided to make a quick video about the one that attracted me the most. Sriracha Mango. This one comes in the "mixer" pack. Chobani calls them "Flip" this is where they have some yogurt on one side, and a small container with dry topping on the other side.

I'm a big fan of Sriracha sauce. It's a great sauce, sweet and spicy and friendly to most savory foods. But more and more I'm seeing Sriracha paired with sweets as well.

So when I saw this flavor on display I knew I had to try it.

So how was the Sriacha Mango yogurt?

The yogurt was great, the big chunks of mango make it really good and it tastes fresh. Anything with good tropical fruit tastes fresh right? Then the mixer part, has crunchy bits that remind me of sesame sticks, peanuts and popped rice (like rice crispies) and the whole mix has the sriracha flavor in it.

I don't think there was enough Sririacha, in fact I could hardly taste it at first. The flavor eventually kicked in  a little, but not much. You'll see my reaction in the video. The next one I had I added a dash of Sriracha powder and then it was really perfect. The combination of sriracha and mango is brilliant, they just need to step up the Sriracha level about 5x.

So here's the video of me trying it out, Thanks Chobani for the sample and feel free to send me some more to be featured! And no, this wasn't a sponsored post but I do appreciate Taste of Huntington Beach, and their sponsors, so thanks again!




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