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How to Sell More Girl Scout Cookies

The other day during Superbowl Sunday, a mom and her daughter were walking the sidewalk near my friend's house. We were unpacking my car, getting ready to go into the party to throw back a few beers and to hang out.

I talk about my thoughts on the Superbowl here.

The mom and daughter approached us steadily with a pull-cart behind them. I quickly noticed that it was full of Girl Scout Cookie boxes. The girl was all dressed up in her uniform and she lead the charge as the mom-daughter team went door to door.

They went through four houses quickly before getting to us. I guess they got turned down on each house.

Girl Scout Cookies photo
Photo by Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar

They made it to us and sheepishly both of them asked if we would buy some cookies. One of us said, "I already bought from 3 other girls" and the rest of us said "no thank you."

With their basket full of boxes, they moved on to the next house to face defeat once more.

That sparked the conversation amongst us if girl scouts are allowed to sell cookies online. Nobody knew definitively, and the conversation died there. I kept thinking that if my daughter was in the girl scouts, I'd help her sell online. A good online marketing strategy is sure to bring a boost of sales, right!?

But then I thought... if it were that easy, then everybody would be doing it. There has to be more to it and there has to be an easier way to get that sale.

In perfect timing, my buddy Jeremy from posted a sales technique that is sure to close more sales than ever.

This same method would work for so many other products and services and it reminds me of Zig Ziglar's approach. Sell without selling, make conversation and ask for the sale in a way that is almost impossible to refuse.

Jeremy, being one of the top online marketers shared this:

Feel free to share if you know someone selling girl Scout Cookies.

Taught my daughter this last year while she was working a booth for 4 hours at a hardware store. Just off the top of my head. This technique drastically increased sales.

At first, her friends and her were going up to people and saying "Would you like to buy some girl scout cookies?" course the natural reaction is "no". No.... such an easy out for a consumer.

Then I took them to school. I told them you have to sell without selling and never give them the chance to say "NO".

I told them to now approach people and ask them "What is your favorite girl scout cookie?" to which gave them no out but to name one. After all who the hell doesn't have a favorite?

After all who the hell doesn't have a favorite?

After they say their kind then, simply say "Oh how many boxes of those can I get for you?"
They now feel uncomfortable and the easy way out for them now went from "NO" to "I'll take 2".

You're welcome Girl Scouts.

And so you see, that's almost fail-proof method of making a sale. Ask an engaging question, LISTEN, then follow up with a closing pitch.

It would be hard to say no at this point and had the mom or daughter opened up their conversation to us with a question like that, I bet one of us probably would have bought one box.

Something to think about next time you need to make a sale.

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