When Someone Invites You To Guest Blog, But You’re Not a Blogger

I originally posted this on Facebook about 2 years ago. Facebook reminded me about it in one of those memory things and I thought it was worth sharing this on the blog now. I've left it untouched except for a few corrections and the addition of the image which I found by using ImageInject, I loooove that plugin right now!

I thought about posting this on my blog, but this is really for you guys. For my friends here, for business owners and entrepreneurs, for freelancers and solo agents and for any of you that aspire to change the world.

If you've never blogged, or hardly ever do, it might seem strange when someone invites you to blog for them.

Let me explain why someone might invite you.

When someone invites you to be a guest blogger in their blog. If they know what they're doing, they just want you to be a guest expert.

They'll take care of posting and formatting the blogpost. They probably will make sure it reads well.

"But I don't know ANYTHING about blogging," you say.

Trust me, they know how much *you* know about blogging... yet they invited you.

guest photo
When you are invited, consider the opportunities and accept the challenge

But why?

Because they want to help you and help themselves at the same time. If you write on someone else's blog you instantly become a respected figure to the the readers of that blog. #fact

And you save the blogger the time it takes him or her to fill the space and time your blogpost is going to fill on their website. Not to mention that the audience gets a fresh look and perspective and maybe even a brand new topic for a change.

This can be refreshing for you and stimulating for your audience.

Everybody wins

So consider next time a blogger invites you to guest post, if you just write and you let them take care of it you are basically opening up your doors for more business and exposure.

Whatever your business might be.

You are dropping seeds in fertile ground and these could grow to be beautiful and *FRUITFUL* trees in the weeks or months down the road.

The person asking you to write for them, that nutcase... He or she thinks your expertise needs to be heard. It doesn't matter if you think you're not an expert.

Trust me. #runwithit

Don't worry about the inconsequential, like how do I use a blog? Write it on an email and send it to them, they'll know what to do.

Or how do I post the blogpost to twitter once I'm done? - Don't worry about it, they'll know what to do. Instead, you just say yes and write.

If a blogger asks another blogger to guest post, they both know what's up. They know what each other has to do. This is not your case.

When a blogger asks you to write a blogpost for them, but you are not a blogger, don't worry about becoming a blogger. Just write about what you know. They'll take care of all the other things.

Too busy you say. No time you say, and other objections.

Consciously close Facebook for 30 minutes for three days in a row, and use that hour and half to write your article. You'll feel great when you are finished.

You are not too busy to promote yourself and you can and could find the time to do so. Don't tell me otherwise, and more importantly don't lie to yourself and deprive yourself from the opportunity.

Writing in a public forum like a blog can be life-changing for you, it can be life-changing for them, and for the people reading your article.

Oh and the last objection... "I can't write" my spelling and/or grammar is terrible. Guess what? Some of the biggest bloggers I know have the worst grammar in the world. Why?

Because it is inconsequential and easy to fix. But it is not easy to find a mind or heart like yours.

So next time someone asks you to write a little blogpost, I suggest you #doit.


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