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Keeping your Online Activities Safe

This blogpost has nothing to do with making money or internet marketing, but has everything to do with keeping your money and your person online, safe, or I should say safer. This is especially important to internet marketers, webmaster, website owner, business owners and other people that use the internet daily for multiple purposes. I have worked with hundreds…
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The hackers know this, but do you?

Reality check Part of your job as a System Administrator or Website administrator is to ensure the work you do is safe from attacks and vulnerabilities. Remember that movie where Michael Moore goes around in Canada trying to open doors because he heard that people there don't lock their doors? Do you remember what happened? It was true,…
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OS X Java update failed

Recently the update for Java on my Macs failed to install. This is the first time I see an update from Apple not work on my machines. This happened both on my iMac and on my MacBook Pro. To fix this, I got the update directly from Apple and installed it manually, you can find it here: …
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