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Instagram Course Review. Wolfmillionaire’s InstaWealth Growth System Chapter 1

This is a follow-up to my previous post about Instagram growth: I started going through the InstaWealth Growth System by Wolfmillionaire when I had about 1150 followers. The InstaWealth Growth System is part of the Wolfmillionaire offering, and as a matter of disclosure, I did not get paid or compensated to do this review in any way. As…
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Article cover image for Buh-bye Twitter? by Oscar Gonzalez

Good-bye Twitter?

Over the past year, I've been bouncing back and forth between two conflicting ideas about Twitter. This post isn't about business advice, or whether you should be on Twitter or not. Before we go further, for reasons I don't discuss in this post, I think you absolutely should be on Twitter if you have a business or are…
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Which Social Networks Should I Join For My Business?

This question comes up every time someone decides to join social media to help their business. Which Social Networks Should I Join For My Business? The answer is tough. It can be different for everybody, but there are some things that apply to everybody. My opinion is sometimes unpouplar but I know I'm right. The major social networks are:…
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My Twitter Account in 55 Seconds

Lots of people ask me how I make money from Twitter. The truth is that I don't do anything differently than other Twitter users. I simply post stuff that is interesting to me and could be interesting to others. Pictures, videos, thoughts and comments about everyday life. I share useful content, interesting or entertaining. There's a cool app…
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