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Vlog 11 – MSQRD Shenannighans at Dot Com Lunch

For Vlog #11 we have brunch at home where we make some thick delicious french toast. Claire and I had to get some extra ingredients before the party got started. As we head out to the Dot Com Lunch event, something strange started happening with our faces. You'll have to watch to find out. During this Dot Com Lunch, I get a chance to catch up with one of our members and see what he's been up to.
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Free Lunch Friday Update

Free Lunch Friday Orange County was awesome for November. I wish you would have been there. We had a great turnout, especially for a short term planned event. We had great vietnamese food provided by THH Sandwiches.  Absolutely great food, and we had different dishes. Every single person that joined the event said the food was terrific. For our…
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To build a system, take action now

I've talked about the idea of having a system to work with. A system that helps you eliminate steps, reduce time and increase profitability. In today's vlog I talk a little bit about building that system and how you go about it so that you don't take a long time to build the system. Enjoy!  
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