The Best Productivity Tips from 43 Experts

I'm by no means a productivity expert, but I play one on the internet. Recently I was asked to weigh in for a roundup blog post about productivity. Below you'll see what I said and below that you'll find a link to the full post where you'll find other experts' best tips on productivity.

What are your best tips for being more productive?

To set goals at different points of view in your business, or even your life. Try to break down goals by quarter, by month, by week, by day and even by hours, and then track the time spent on anything.

One of the things that help me and almost everyone I advise is to track all our time. Just like when you’re trying to change any habit or improve something. You need to track it.

Measuring how you’re spending your time is a great way to figure out which activities are helping you make progress towards those goals I mentioned above. Then you will see where your time is going, and you’ll be able to focus and prioritize accordingly.

This is my number one tip for productivity, track your time and ask yourself if you’re spending time on the things you should be spending time on. Sometimes we think that we know. We tell ourselves, we’re going to check Facebook… “just really quick…” and then two hours later, you wonder where your day went.

If you’re forced to track the usage of your time, or you force yourself, then you’ll have to be honest with yourself. You can use an app to keep track of this, check my blog, I’m currently reviewing a number of these apps. But start with TimeDoctor for individuals, and if you have a company, this is a godsend.

Track your time for a week or so as much as you can, use the mobile app or the desktop app. Then look at the reports later. This is where a little bit of honesty and self-introspection come into play.

Then with this new-found knowledge adjust your schedule, so you focus more on those income generating activities or those activities that drive you closer to your next daily, weekly or quarterly goal.

Keep tracking your time for at least a month. I’ve been doing it for almost two months now, and at first, it was really enlightening. Now it just helps me stay focused.

You know, deep inside, you know which activities you need to focus on, but this way you’ll realize you’re spending too much time doing stuff that.

Below is a summary of everybody else's response and a link to the full article. Check it out!

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