Vlog 15 – Ballet and Hoverboards

I think you have seen my videos with the Leray hoverboard. I use it almost every day now, it's so much fun. You might have noticed that the first video I made had a white model, and now I have the black version of it.

What happened is that the white model I had broke. I was riding and went down a big step, like 3 or 4 inches and it stopped working. It would turn on but it wouldn't engage so I contacted them and they quickly got me a new one.

Turns out that Leray listened and read my blogposts because they gave me a black one this time. Thanks again Leray and if you want to check them out, their FB page is here, and you can check out each of the boards in Amazon right here:

  • White model -
  • Red/maroon model -
  • Blue model -
  • Black model -

Well, I use it now to take Picasso for a quick walk, I use it to get the mail and sometimes I walk the kids on their stroller while riding it. It's a lot of fun and actually very practical.

So in vlog 15, I take Claire to her ballet class and one of the other parents there tried out the hoverboard. Check it out:



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