Wine Tasting at Leoness Cellars in Temecula

A glimpse into our recent trip to Temecula and our stop at Leoness Cellars. This was the best stop out of all three we did that day. I highly recommend you stop by next time you go to Temecula for wine tasting.

Leoness Cellars is deeply rooted in the history of agriculture and farming in the Temecula Valley. Co-founder, Gary Winder, began farming in the valley in the early 1970’s with a focus on citrus and avocados. He founded Stage Ranch Farm Management in 1972 and quickly built a reputation in the valley for being a high-quality farming business. Gary was joined by Mike Rennie in the early 90’s and together they focused on the growth of their vineyard operations.

They founded Leoness Cellars in 2002, on a hilltop overlooking the beautiful Rolling Hills Vineyard Estate on De Portola. These 20 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon were planted in 1999 by Stage Ranch using the finest Cabernet clones and appropriate rootstocks. The grapes from these vines have been used to craft some of the most enjoyable Leoness wines. Their vast experience has led to a true understanding of growing wine grapes of the highest quality; grapes that are concentrated, balanced, and ripe which will produce wines of incredible depth and flavor.

Read more about the history of Leoness Cellars here.

Here's the Instagram teaser video:

Did you know that Port is a title reserved for a type of wine? Like Champagne, Port is not just a name but a title of prestige. You'll hear more about it in the video. But the question is why can't everyone call their "port" wine "port"?

You'll hear more about it in the video. But the question is why can't everyone call their "port" wine "port"? Leoness calls their port-style wine Cinsaut. Some places I found say that it's a time thing where the grapes have to be over 10 years old and other sources that seem more official say that Port is reserved for the famous dessert-style wine that comes from Portugal.

Regardless, the Cinsaut ($65.00) that Leoness has to offer is amazing and we took home a couple bottles. They're gone by now.

The full vlog on Youtube is here:

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