Movie Review: Prisoners with Jake Gyllenhaal. Riveting.


I found another movie that I skipped the first time around, I'm talking about Prisoners with Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman. This movie was directed by Denis Villeneuve who also … Continue Reading This >>


Paranoia Movie Review (no spoiler)

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Three flavors, 60 calories each. Chill before drinking or pour over ice.

High Brew Coffee Cold Brew Delicious Pick-me-up

So I ran out of my supply of coffee at home recently so I decided to make a trip to the … [Read More...]

Proves that looks can be deceiving. Ruby's makes better tacos and they don't even make tacos.

Super Antojitos One Place to Avoid on Taco Tuesday

Yes, I know it was Cinco de Mayo, yes, we knew it would be busy but this doesn't excuse a … [Read More...]


Summer is Coming, Do you Have Your Coco Jack Yet?

The Coco Jack is really cool. It's a little device that allows you to enjoy coconuts like … [Read More...]


Lumosity Games – Speed Pack [video]

I've been using Lumosity for some time now and I like it a lot. I use it weekly and I always … [Read More...]


You have to believe that something different can happen

You have to believe that something different can happen. - Will Smith … [Read More...]


Youtube Gold: College Humor

College Humor has been around for a while (website). I think they were around years before … [Read More...]


Charlie Palmer at Bloomindale’s for Birthday Dinner

Charlie Palmer is a high end restaurant with locations across the country. This is from our … [Read More...]

Google’s Autoawesome is Awesome: Ashli & Bryan’s Babyshower

I must have told you about it before. Google photos has a feature called autoawesome which … [Read More...]


Youtube Gold. Rob Dyke and Seriously Strange

Rob Dyke produces a weekly show called Seriously Strange. Rob has made its way into my … [Read More...]


Last Knights Review. No Spoilers.

Last Knights, starring Clive Owen, Morgan Freeman and a cast of other people you probably … [Read More...]


It’s time to Talk Some Politics. Commentary on Hillary Clinton’s Interview With Diane Sawyer

I watched this video recently. It's the full interview of Hillary Clinton with Diane Sawyer, … [Read More...]

How to Leave Facebook in Style

Next Time You Decide to Leave Facebook, Do it Like This Guy

This is hilarious. If you think you're fed up with Facebook, just leave. But if you feel … [Read More...]