What is a Startup?

Dawn of a new neighborhood. photo by me.

Startups are all the rage lately. It's hard to go through one day without hearing about a new startup, that claims to be innovative, disruptive, working out of a co-working space … Continue Reading This >>

Similar to Google+, only a few lively things exist in a barren wasteland.

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UrbanWorkshop is a Makers’ Paradise

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The LCD display is very useful to make sure you have enough battery to last.

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photo credit by: Alan Levine. (link)

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With a Little Help From My Friends

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Free Lunch Friday Reboot

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The New Marlboro Brand Face #JEFFWECAN

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Diesel Brew, Smooth Cold Brewed Coffee for the Masses

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Checking out the Hermanator Burger at Peter’s Gourmade

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