The Year in Photos


Google's Autoawesome is really kicking ass. I thought I'd show you the video that Google made from my photos from 2014. All I had to do was use the Google photos service over the … Continue Reading This >>


Google Prefers Quality Content over Technical Code

According to John Mueller, Google does not use structured data on your site as a way to … [Read More...]

Don’t forget to RSVP for Las Vegas Affiliate Ball

Just sending a reminder to RSVP for the upcoming Las Vegas Affiliate Ball, official ASW … [Read More...]


Irvine Farmer’s Market moved from UCI to Mariner’s Church

The farmer's market from UCI moved to the Mariner's church parking lot. It's much nicer, … [Read More...]

Super bloggers attending the Rise of the Six Figure Entrepreneur Session at #ASW15

#ASW15 Rise of the 6 Figure Blogger Questions and Answers

Before I get into it, I wanted to answer one of the audience members that had a bit of … [Read More...]

Jeremy Schoemaker schooling Affiliate Summit in the art of email marketing

#ASW15 Email Marketing Presentation with Jeremy Schoemaker aka Shoemoney

Shoemoney dishing out the value on his email talk. Affiliate Summit is the place to be if … [Read More...]


Duck The Halls? How About No

I went to Pieology the other day. Their new location at The Market Place in Irvine. As … [Read More...]

Dark Skies

I'm a big fan of sci fi. I'm also a big fan of horror. What do you get when you put both of … [Read More...]

The Equalizer (2014)

My man, my man! Denzel Washington is a mild mannered Home Mart (Home Depot) worker. This is … [Read More...]

What to Watch Next? Predestination, Lucy and More with Trailers

Looking for a movie suggestion? Let me tell you about four movies I've watched recently. I … [Read More...]


Santa’s Village Craft Shop at South Coast Plaza

Maybe you have seen my previous posts about South Coast Plaza. I have quite a bit to tell … [Read More...]


It Takes Money to Make Money

Have you heard that before? Sure you have. It's a cliche that gets thrown around without … [Read More...]