Motormood Launches With a Bang


A while ago I showed you a new startup called Motormood, I met them at the Eurekafest 2015 event and I thought they had an interesting concept. Recently they held their launch … Continue Reading This >>


The Best Documentary You’ll Watch this Year. Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief

I knew Scientology was questionable. Like all other religions, it is based on vague theories … [Read More...]


What These People Do is Crippling WorldWide Innovation.

John Oliver is brilliant on his delivery of the most mundane topics. The writers that come … [Read More...]

Bruxie S'mores

Bruxie Sandwiches for Brunch

We are back at our place. If you remember reading about us moving out a couple years ago... … [Read More...]


Movie Review: Prisoners with Jake Gyllenhaal. Riveting.

I found another movie that I skipped the first time around, I'm talking about Prisoners … [Read More...]


Paranoia Movie Review (no spoiler)

One of the movies I saw recently was Paranoia with Harrison Ford, Liam Hemsworth, Gary … [Read More...]

Three flavors, 60 calories each. Chill before drinking or pour over ice.

High Brew Coffee Cold Brew Delicious Pick-me-up

So I ran out of my supply of coffee at home recently so I decided to make a trip to the … [Read More...]

Proves that looks can be deceiving. Ruby's makes better tacos and they don't even make tacos.

Super Antojitos One Place to Avoid on Taco Tuesday

Yes, I know it was Cinco de Mayo, yes, we knew it would be busy but this doesn't excuse a … [Read More...]


Summer is Coming, Do you Have Your Coco Jack Yet? And Coupon.

The Coco Jack is really cool. It's a little device that allows you to enjoy coconuts like … [Read More...]


Lumosity Games – Speed Pack [video]

I've been using Lumosity for some time now and I like it a lot. I use it weekly and I always … [Read More...]


You have to believe that something different can happen

You have to believe that something different can happen. - Will Smith … [Read More...]


Youtube Gold: College Humor

College Humor has been around for a while (website). I think they were around years before … [Read More...]


Charlie Palmer at Bloomindale’s for Birthday Dinner

Charlie Palmer is a high end restaurant with locations across the country. This is from our … [Read More...]

Google’s Autoawesome is Awesome: Ashli & Bryan’s Babyshower

I must have told you about it before. Google photos has a feature called autoawesome which … [Read More...]