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How To Create Custom Social Media Links With Your Blog


Have you ever seen how some people have all their social media links as part of their domain? I'm going to show you how to do that with your own WordPress blog.

Here's an example of my social media links using my blog:

Managing your links like this makes you look professional. As a side effect, this helps people learn about your website without you having to send them the link to it. Another benefit is that you never have to look up any link that you setup like this; the perfect example is my fitbit address. Who would remember that? But I don't have to remember it, I just type it and voila, it works!

Use Cases:

These are ideal when you want to send links to people via SMS, or Snapchat, or just in regular messenger conversations. These are great to put in your business card too, or a banner, or a brochure. It helps you brand yourself better and also lets you control the traffic.

If you ever want to change where that link goes, you can. Just edit the redirect and change it wherever you want it to go. Perfect if you get a new Twitter account, or a different Facebook page. Ok, here's the video:

Blogpost cover for Custom Social Media Links
How To Create Custom Social Media Links

You can use this for affiliate links, or social media profiles, or specific blogposts. This video shows you how you can create redirects using your WordPress blog, and a very popular plugin. The plugin is called Redirection and it's available here. There are a few other plugins you could use or if you are feeling adventurous, you could do this at the server level using Apache redirects, but we'll leave that for another tutorial.

Video: How To Create Custom Social Media Links Using Your Blog

This same method can be used to create links to anything you want, like a specific blogpost or an affiliate product. It's very similar to using a custom short link like or or even your own like I described in another blogpost.

Ultimately, this is up to you to get creative and use it however you want. The custom social media links is the easiest and most common place use of this. How would you use this?

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