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The Truth about Free WordPress

Free is always enticing. This is why some people go to get a blog with WordPress.com. I have some issues with WordPress.com and I want to talk about those with you today. I'm going to come out and say it directly; you should not start a blog with WordPress.com, Blogger.com, Medium.com, or other free blogging platforms. Specifically today…
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How to Pick a Domain. 5 Tips to Consider.

When first setting up any website, one of the hardest — but most important — things to decide is what to call it. Your website’s domain will play a big role in defining your brand’s image, search optimization, “buzz-worthiness,” and more. Unique domains are becoming increasingly scarce commodities as hundreds of thousands of new sites come online each…
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Cover for the review of the Wolfmillionaire system

Instagram Course Review. Wolfmillionaire’s InstaWealth Growth System Chapter 1

This is a follow-up to my previous post about Instagram growth: I started going through the InstaWealth Growth System by Wolfmillionaire when I had about 1150 followers. The InstaWealth Growth System is part of the Wolfmillionaire offering, and as a matter of disclosure, I did not get paid or compensated to do this review in any way. As…
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