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Struggling to Make a Profit as a Beginner

You may be starting your journey into Affiliate Marketing or maybe you want to start a blog. Let me tell you the story of a young kid I talked to recently. Steve was a 20 year old student just two years ago. I'd venture to guess that he was like the average 20-year-old kid. Enjoying life, coming to terms with the…
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The Truth about Free WordPress

Free is always enticing. This is why some people go to get a blog with WordPress.com. I have some issues with WordPress.com and I want to talk about those with you today. I'm going to come out and say it directly; you should not start a blog with WordPress.com, Blogger.com, Medium.com, or other free blogging platforms. Specifically today…
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photo of some of my friends attending Affiliate Summit West

Masterminds and Mentorship

Most successful people attribute a significant portion of their success to having access and being part of a mastermind group. Almost everybody I have ever learned from and considered a mentor has shared this insight with me. Recently at Affiliate Summit West, during the Millionaire blogger panel, at least three of the four panelists talked about having a group…
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Stack of various business related books

Book Club Kick-off Meetup

We're about to have our first ever Dot Com Lifestyle book club meeting, and I'd like to invite you to join us. If you want to learn about making money, managing your money, productivity, internet marketing and business in general then this is going to be a great group to join. Below are the books that are on…
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