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Wait, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Uses G Cal? For Congress Business?

If you follow the news, and the political turmoil I'm so vehemently trying to stay away from, then you may know about the new controversy that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez found herself in recently. It seems that Alexandria gave her boyfriend access to her work calendar, and this caused a cacophony of complaints and accusations and more drama. As if…
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Google Listens And Records Everything You Say

It appears that at least one article out there is accusing Google of listening to everything you say. Sounds creepy right? That's one of many articles that talk about Google violating our privacy. It sounds creepy to me! You might have heard or read the same story. If so, then you probably also believe that Google is recording everything you…
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No Tech Skills Needed to Start a Business Online

Does this post seem strange? Check out the end of the post really quick, there's a box explaining why... When you start your empire online, there are very few technical skills that you will need, but when you hear "no tech skills needed" or no "skills required" there is always still some skill level that you need to…
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