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Wait, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Uses G Cal? For Congress Business?

If you follow the news, and the political turmoil I'm so vehemently trying to stay away from, then you may know about the new controversy that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez found herself in recently. It seems that Alexandria gave her boyfriend access to her work calendar, and this caused a cacophony of complaints and accusations and more drama. As if…
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Interview About Chatbots with Heather Havenwood aka Sexy Boss

During my last visit to Affiliate Summit, I saw some new emerging technologies and interesting stuff happening. Chatbots is one of those things, they're cutting edge and coming in hot. I had a chance to interview Heather Havenwood, author of the book Sexy Boss. Always staying ahead of the curve, Heather gave us some insights into an amazing…
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Are You Using Your Time Poorly?

One of the great outcomes we get from measuring any type of activity is that we get to see where there may be some deficiencies. It doesn't matter what it is, if it's worth doing, it's worth measuring. If you measure then you can make smart decisions based on the data instead of just a feeling. Don't get me…
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Keeping your Online Activities Safe

This blogpost has nothing to do with making money or internet marketing, but has everything to do with keeping your money and your person online, safe, or I should say safer. This is especially important to internet marketers, webmaster, website owner, business owners and other people that use the internet daily for multiple purposes. I have worked with hundreds…
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Statigram is now Iconosquare

Instagram remains one of my favorite apps and social networks. I mentioned before that Statigram could help you determine where your Instagram followers come from. So I went to check up on that feature and see if my followers had changed and that's when I found about the new name for Statigram. Iconosquare is an interesting name. Their…
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