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How to Pick a Domain. 5 Tips to Consider.

When first setting up any website, one of the hardest — but most important — things to decide is what to call it. Your website’s domain will play a big role in defining your brand’s image, search optimization, “buzz-worthiness,” and more. Unique domains are becoming increasingly scarce commodities as hundreds of thousands of new sites come online each…
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Instagram – How to Send and Receive Direct Messages from Your Computer.

I work faster and more efficiently from my computer, I like my full screen and full keyboard. This is just a million times more powerful than mobile devices are right now. So naturally, in my Instagram pursuit of 5000 followers and beyond, I needed to find a way to send and receive direct messages from within the Instagram…
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Q&A on Twitter #digiblogchat – How to Monetize Your Blog

I had the honor of being invited to be a guest at the weekly #digiblogchat to talk about monetizing a blog. One of, if not my favorite topic in the online marketing niche. Carol Stephen, from Your Social Media Works hosts the weekly Twitter chat. The topics always are centered around blogging, social media, online marketing, and other similar…
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Blog post cover for How to Provide Exclusive Information

How Can I Offer Exclusive Information to my Readers

Many new online marketers and entrepreneurs struggle during the transition from a day job to a self-employed status doing online marketing. Self-doubt sets in and it is very easy to become frozen in fear. One of the struggles I went through was thinking less of myself and forgetting that I knew more than other people about certain topics.…
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Boxes of Girl Scout Cookies and the title of the blog post

How to Sell More Girl Scout Cookies

The other day during Superbowl Sunday, a mom and her daughter were walking the sidewalk near my friend's house. We were unpacking my car, getting ready to go into the party to throw back a few beers and to hang out. I talk about my thoughts on the Superbowl here. The mom and daughter approached us steadily with…
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